The entire world is already planning to make a transition to 5G. Soon, almost all the cities in the world will incorporate this technology into everyday use. Throughout the cities, and various neighborhoods, we can expect mini cell stations within the next 20 years.

However, many doctors believe that the 5G technology will be more or less, a big public health experiment. Dr. Joel, who is a public health professor at the University of California says that the mini-cell towers throughout the cities and towns are just one of the many concerns. According to him, 5G technology could result in a range of the nervous system, eye, and major skin issues because of the lower frequency mm waves.

There are two reasons why the 5G cell towers happen to be dangerous. First of all, 5G technology makes use of very high intensity and high-frequency waves. Where 4G and 3G technology makes use of a frequency in between 1 to 4 gigahertz, 5G technology makes use of 24 to 90 GHz frequency. This simply means that there will be around 90 billion electromagnetic waves colliding with the body cells in one second. This is quite a lot of radiation as compared to what the human body is normally exposed.

Moreover, 5G technology requires shorter millimeter waves (MMV) for bandwidth support. This means that the waves are not likely to travel through the objects, or very far for that matter. Hence, the current amount of cell towers will not be sufficient enough. As compensation, a greater number of mini cell towers will have to be installed. According to the estimations, a minicell station will have to be installed after every 2 to 8 houses. According to the health experts, this increased exposure to the electromagnetic waves will have a very detrimental impact on the overall health of the public.

Where on one hand, 5G technology will give endless capabilities it, it is a recipe for a widespread health disaster. As of yet, there are not enough specific tests conducted on the exposure to 5G. However, a wide range of tests revolving around lower frequencies has been conducted in the past. These tests have concluded that lower frequencies have a link with cancer. Moreover, the higher the frequency of RF radiation is, the greater the risk of developing cancer is. And in this case, 5G technology is expected to make use of very high-frequency waves (90 GHz).

These claims are supported by a range of very frightening studies, such as the one that was conducted in 1994, far before 3G and 4G had come. This study revolved around the health problems faced by the residents of a London apartment building having a cell phone mast on the building’s roof. The cancer rate among the people living on the top floor turned out to be 10 times more than the average cancer rate in England.

All in all, while 5G opens doors to a range of new possibilities, it also poses quite a lot of serious health risks to the general public.