Numbers play a massive role in the success and failure of a marketing campaign. We always are in need of top notch data, and a strong strategy.

However as creatives are pushed more and more into factoring insights, behavioral patterns and interest segmentation, data is playing an even larger role now. It’s to the point that more data is needed in order to be creative and grow a business. Look around and there are many people talking about this as well. So its fitting that we talk about it too.

Data Is Our Friend

The first key thing is to get rid of the notion that data is our enemy. It can be overwhelming the amount of demand for data actually is. However, when leveraged properly, data can be a powerful ally.

Thanks to technology advancements we are learning more about how we can enhance the creative process in creatives. Particularly with the use of data. A long time ago we would have to toss ideas back and forth from our left brain to our right brain. Such was the case with veteran art director Matt Vescovo. He created a fantastic ad back in the day that is truly creative.

These days, we can create those kinds of ads more frequently with the help of data and understanding it fully. No longer do we have to rely solely on gut feelings.

Data Can Help Collect Dots

One more thing that is being pushed in the marketing world is for people to be in very specific niches. With people expecting more personalized advertising, it gets harder and harder for creatives to be in specific niches and deliver.

Nonetheless, data can help in collecting dots for us, particularly the data on social media. Going there you’ll find unbiased, unsolicited consumer information. By keeping up with these trends marketers can collect the dots on peoples social spheres. This can be helpful as it can reveal many things about a customer and it’s great for starting out since you have no prior experience, exposure, or any gut feelings you can rely on.

Places you can go to collect this data in mass are places like Affinio, Crimson Hexagon and Hive. They bring unfamiliar audiences into focus for you.

In the end the data that can be collected from those dots don’t necessarily create the ad entirely for you. In fact,they can provide some massive insight into what sort of ad you can create that’ll get noticed.

Understanding Creativity

Creativity is much like humor, it’s subjective. It’s entirely up to you as a creative to help people understand the ad. Because of this, it’s vital that you understand the audience that you are targeting and that’s how data can weave into this.