Smartphones are increasingly growing its sophistication as time passes by. The clarity of mobile technology is persistent to its gradual domination in the landscape of technology this 2015. This allows for the consumer to move toward mobile over the PC.

Even marketers are formulating ways of shifting their focus to reach the consumers thru the devices they use every-single-day.

Location based advertising is considered to be one of the main pivotal points in the industry of marketing in the upcoming years. Thru the use of built-in technology in contemporary mobile devices, marketers are finding innovative ways to reach customers.

Identified below are the evolutions of location based marketing in 2015.

Stores pushing coupons will shift into high-gear: Coupons are presently the most well known request toward location-based marketing.


Era of the mobile ordering will finally start: Mobile ordering will rely on the proximity of customer in a store allowing them to place orders and even paying thru mobile devices.

Facebook places: New places of directory made by Facebook are posing serious threat in the local centric app such as FourSquare. This promises the users to locate easily the nearby friends and learning about the places. Even on vacation, the Facebook user may still use the directory in finding places that previous friends visited.

Savvy businesses will target nearby customers: Every business will able to learn the method of incorporating geo-technology into apps.

Navigation will become more sophisticated: Navigation is considered as one of the most well known uses of the GPS phones technology. Marketers should able find more ways in using it on their advantage. Monetization opportunities are wrapped up to navigating services integrated thru business across the world. Read more about Disrupting the Commercial Arena.

Location will inform notifications: Thru the built-in capabilities of GPS the phones are having an ability of determining the location of users. Marketers will reach customers thru notifications (push-notifications). For example, this kind of feature may blast out the notification where all the products in the store are off in 10 percent until the set time.

The Internet of things will change the landscape: All things from the toaster of user into thermostat can be connected in the Internet (read more about Nest). It gives business the great opportunity of customizing the experience of users. By being aware in context, devices can give weather alerts that adjust automatically the local utility.

These are expected innovation that can happen in location-based marketing.

If you are a marketer, be ready for this kind of evolution to take place.

Do not let this pass without experiencing inventiveness in this type of marketing.