All influential businessmen know that consumers are the heart of their business, as without them, their company or product is nothing. And you know what can be better? Your consumers turning into your product’s marketers. As an organization, it should be your greatest goal to advertise your product or service as much as possible, and the best way is through your own consumers, as studies and surveys show that over 84% of customers only try a product because it was recommended by their family or friend circle. So, below are some ways to turn your consumers into marketers, so that not only your product will gain popularity, but also so that your business will skyrocket to glory!

1. Serve your consumers in all the ways possible

As a seller, your job is showing all your consumers just how much easily your product can be bought. If your product is sold in all major online and retail stores, it gives the client freedom on how they want to buy the product. You can try all sorts of methods such as emails, video calls, social media, telephone ads and see which one works out best for your line of product.

2. Be quick for help

Another thing that shouldn’t be forgotten is that you should be as skillful and quick as possible on all your selling locations, as clients love it when they are treated with the best they can get. Performing quick solutions for them can increase their experience satisfaction and will further encourage them to consider being a marketer. Always remember, your best marketer is your customer, and speaking of helping your customers…

3. Make sure to provide them Excellent Customer Service

Have you ever preferred one supermarket over another just because their workers treated you professionally? Well, the same works in your case! Your shoppers deserve and excellent experience when they decide to buy your product. So, here are some suggestions that count in going an “extra mile” for your support towards your consumers…

  • Respecting your buyers
  • Training a team of professionals well-equipped to solve problems
  • Being truthful and honest
  • Listening to your consumers and implementing their ideas into your product
  • Creating great moments with your buyers

4. Use Social Media!

You may not prioritize this one in comparison to other methods, but social media is a powerful tool to help boost your revenue and business. The more you try to interact with your consumers on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram, the more you get them to know you, and the more they’ll consider trying your product and maybe market it.

For example, if you share your product on Facebook, your consumer decides to buy it but has a problem, and you solve it on hand, the client will have nothing but positive reviews for you, plus the entire conversation will be public and will be visible to the buyer’s friends. Imagine all the people you are reaching with just one post!