For several years, the standards of practice in the marketing world has been demographics. As marketers, we care a lot about the age, location and various other details to quantify people. We thought this would be a stable measurement, however in December 2015, Google discovered something different we have been ignoring for a while.

A discrepancy.

They discovered that consumer intent is a more powerful tool to use than demographics. In fact, their research shows that people who focus solely on demographics lose out on 70% of potential mobile shoppers. Therefore, intent marketing is important for a few key reasons.

3 Reasons You Need to Learn About Intent Marketing

Intent Thwarts Identity

When you look at human behavior, intent marketing is better than relying on demographics. First consider the example of when we use searches or watch videos. Why exactly do we do that?

We watch a video on YouTube because of a few reasons. We either want to be entertained or educated, that’s it. Furthermore, we search for something using a search engine because we are looking for something specific. An answer to a problem.

The thing is though; those are all intents. Questions or a need to be entertained aren’t categorized by our age group, gender, or ethnicity. To further put this into perspective, Google’s research shows that out of the total search for video games, 31% are between 18 and 34.

Intent Will Give You More of Everything

Back in 2016, Rand Fishkin – created a post on predictions on web marketing. One of the key elements was the fact that people were moving to a newer model. It was a winner-takes-all type of model.

This the type of model that we have today. And the big winners in this model are people who understand what intent marketing is all about. Think about it.

The idea with intent marketing is you are providing exactly what a person is looking for. Thus, these individuals will feel more compelled to share this information with other people. However, it also means they are more likely to click on the links as well.

In the end, intent will give you more of everything when it comes to marketing. So give them what they want. It’ll only help you.

Intent Is the Heart of The Journey

As I’ve been hinting at, intent is at the core of all this. Our actions are entirely spurred on by an intent. But there is a little bit more to it than just that, after all, we search for many reasons. On a basic level, we search for videos and information because we are looking to be educated or entertained. But why then?

When you understand a customer’s motivations and how they are interacting with an organization, you can better learn about your customers. It’s not enough knowing simply the how, when, and where someone is engaging any longer. We need to learn why they are engaging too.


Intent marketing is a tricky thing, however the deeper you understand your customers the more growth that you’ll see. This is a huge investment that’s well worth considering in your marketing strategy.