Today, the number of connected devices exceeds 11 billion. Moreover, this number does not include phones and computers. Due to its ever-increasing popularity, we can expect the internet of things to remain a hot topic in the year 2019.

Currently, the buzzword of the moment is Artificial Intelligence. This is because everyone seems to be talking about it. However, a big number of people still do not know what it is all about.

According to most of the experts, however, the understanding of the role of artificial intelligence will spread greatly in the year 2019.

With an increase in the number of devices connected to each other, artificial intelligence – natural language processing, image recognition, and deep learning will help the devices to understand each other better.

Previously, IoT involved the use of a number of wires and hard codes. However, after mobile applications came, things change. Still, mobile applications tend to deliver a rather isolated experience. This is something that which artificial intelligence aims to remove.

Soon enough, we can expect the Internet of Things to turn into the Internet of Everything as the number of connected devices continues to rise. One of the factors that will allow this to happen, is the use of the cloud.

Now, it looks like the processing power is being pushed to the edge. This carries a number of opportunities and benefits. With all the smart technology connected with each other, it will be easier for humans to perform manual and skilled tasks.

Soon enough, the cameras will not only take pictures and see us, but will also be capable of understanding what is coming in through the microphones along with the image.

Apart from that, the blockchain is also playing a very big role in adding integrity and immutability to the Internet of Things transactions. It almost looks like both of these are made for each other. This is because blockchain is the best way to record the details of the hundreds of thousands of transactions that occur between machines connected to each other.

one thing that people have not yet noticed about blockchains at large is that they can be used in supply chains, and take record of the data in a way that is unchangeable. Hence, blockchains in the IoT sphere add in a great amount of security. This is primarily because their copies or the records get split between thousands of locations as a result of which no single entity has centralized control of the information/data. As a result of this, the data can not be manipulated in any way.

Another way in which the internet of things is expected to undergo massive growth through the incorporation in industries and manufacturing.

The year 2019 is expected to be a revolutionary one for the Internet of Things, as a greater number of devices are getting connected to each other.