This may seem surprising at first, but remember the time advertisements were the main source of marketing? Well, that time is dead now. Recent studies show that over 198 million computers have AdBlock installed and that it is being actively used, which means your ads don’t even reach their screen, let alone their eyes. Not only that, AdBlock usage rates have increased by over 48% from 2014 to 2015, and in 2016, over 400 million smartphone users have mobile browsers with built-in AdBlock. So, how can you spread your reach online?

Well, that’s what influencers are for!

What are Influencers?

In easy words, influencers are people that potentially impact your consumer’s decision for buying your product. It can be a YouTube content creator, a blogger, a Hollywood star, a social media celebrity, anyone! Many people may look up to that person, and what they say will often engrave an opinion in the thoughts of the follower. So, if they say good about your product, that means that potentially thousands of people will consider buying it, right?

Using influencers reinforce brand awareness

So, how can you make the best of your influencers? Well, you can pay them to do it, or maybe they like your product enough that they’ll contact you themselves for an opportunity, right? So, the best way to use your influencers to reinforce your brand awareness is by letting them take over your social media accounts.

The entire concept of this idea is to let your influencers use your social media accounts to connect their followers to yours. For example, you can give your social media account to a famous Instagrammer, and they’ll post their positive opinions about your brand or your excellent customer service along with their picture and dedicated hashtags. This not only helps your brand gain influence in the market, but also benefits the influencer as they are advertising their accounts through your account, making a network of new followers on both sides.

However, before you jump over to contact your favorite YouTuber with a briefcase full of a thousand dollars, keep in mind that you’ll need to look for an influencer that is relevant to your brand. Why? Well here’s an example to explain the concept. You’re selling a supplement for gym-goers, so it’ll be best if you look for an Instagrammer that has a motivational fitness account, because most of that person’s followers will be people who are going to the gym everyday themselves. If you contact a Twitch streamer that plays PC games, it wouldn’t make sense at all that his/her viewers will buy a health supplement while watching their stream.


So, in a nutshell, there are hundreds of ways you can use influencers to reinforce your brand awareness, but most Social Media Marketers and business experts conclude that giving influencers access to your social media accounts is one of the most cost effective and efficient ways out there, especially with the fact that all millennials have at least one social media account. Expand your choices, and make your brand successful!