You may be thinking that reaching the millennials in terms of marketing strategies would not be too hard since the millennial generation is basically all digital media, social platforms and catchy blogs. But that’s not true as lots of things matter even if you’re reaching the millennial generation via a social platform. It has its challenges as not everything posted will work on attracting the young generation. Indeed, today’s marketing professionals have uncountable options but the problem is, in our age, things disappear as fast as they become popular.

When it comes specifically to millennials, it makes it more challenging as this generation is always looking for the ‘next hot trend’ to happen. So, by the time the business professionals decide and decipher what social platform is currently popular and will yield best results, millennials would have moved on to another platform as the race for popularity keeps turning tides within seconds. But of course, its not an impossible task. You can easily market your products just by following some simple dos and don’ts as listed below, as somethings do not change, even among the millennial generation!

1. Don’t go far text, Do a video – lots of them:

The old times where text was loud has vanished. This day’s generation wants to be part of the experience. They won’t read your long letter about your product but they will view a catchy video on your product being unfold. Video is a powerful tool and not only engages your audience but also helps increase brand awareness and showcasing. Go for video incorporation in your advertising. It is not too hard and yields great results too!

2. Maybe go for Snapchat:

Facebook used to initially be the youngsters base but now it is a platform for the adults and the old age too. Most teenagers have either gotten bored of Facebook or have changed their platform to avoid embarrassing comments from parents or critical relatives. Not only that, news feeds are filled with old school posts from adults rather than hot gossips.

In comparison, snap has made things more interesting. Bigger brands like Nike and Taco Bell have already taken advantage of this fact and hit jackpots since the idea of sending disappearing stories is more on the trend – even in terms of advertising!

3. Do instagramming, not tweeting:

Today’s generation is all about visual. The preference again, as with video marketing, is that most are interested in images than reading. One quick look at an Instagram post, and they can decide if they like it or not and move on to the next post, unlike twitter, which is text. Even though only 140 characters, but still text. The idea of aesthetic photos weighs out the idea of a 140-charactered tweet in every sense, so if you want a fast and successful marketing strategy, Instagram is a better option.

4. Do amazing animated graphics & catchy content writing, not boring blogs:

Just as with points written above, our generation is not one to read long text details. Amazing photography is the best way to lure the generation and using new trend blog-writing styles will certainly get you what you what!

It’s not that writings don’t work and only graphical things do, but the fact is that it needs to be captivating and up to the millennials standards to be read thoroughly. If you’re going to write an article or a blog, be sure to check what’s trending, add some catchy photos or content and spice it up to make it as interesting as you can!