The Inevitable – a Book that Shows How Technology is Not Only Positive but Also Inevitable

In his book, ‘The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape our Future’, author Kevin Kelly deals about technology advancement with optimism, pointing out that technology development is not only positive but more importantly inevitable. Kevin Kelly is a veteran technology writer who was also the celebrated author of ‘What Technology Wants’.

Kelly presented two evidences why technological transformations are inevitable:

1) They are already happening – in the past and in the present – and will most likely keep on happening in the future.

2) Fundamentally, they are driven by the dynamics of technology, supported by various disciplines in Math and Physics.

As Kelly had it, whether we like it or not, technological change will continue to march on. Hence, people must instead embrace this fact and work with technology instead of working against them. Only then will men be able to make the best out of what technology has to offer.

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