Mobile first has truly become a trend in the design and development communities. However, what exactly mobile first means to say? This is clearly understood as both a new way and strategy of writing code. This has now becoming popular because it finds more improved and better ways in serving the users.

Before, the focus of users was on the desktop web and mobile design was just an afterthought. These days, a lot of people are making use of mobile devices in social networking and online shopping. Actually, mobile first mainly demands a new approach to UX design, planning and development that puts handheld devices at the front of both implementation and strategy.

Mobile first has now shifted from the model of web user experience. Rather than viewing the desktop version of website on their mobile phones, users now tend to view sites which have been created for mobile devices. But, how will desktop and stationary computer users view these websites? They actually view these website versions which were intended for desktop web―however, designed with a mobile that is kept in mind.
This only means to say that designers need to design a tailor-site user experience to be able to meet the needs of people in various contexts. The text must also be a lot easier for you to navigate and read on. Maps and photos must also be easily accessible. All content must adjust well in order to be displayed on the device properly. And, this way, a user will be able to view it clearly.

Here are the reasons why it is essential to go mobile-first.

The First Thinking Sculpture: Inspired by Gaudí, created with Watson

Mobile-first Guarantees Scalability

It is true that space is quite limited when designing for the sake of mobile/phone use. This only means to say that experiences which have been intended for desktop are not possible on smaller devices. Thus, the result may come up as a mobile experience which is not even interesting or useful as the desktop. This will only leave consumers with a very poor experience from your site.

But if the experience has been conceptualized and designed on mobile, there is no need to get worried of something which cannot be adjusted for the desktop. You will be able to still add a lot of features when you move down to desktop.

Mobile-First has turned out to be more imperative in the Business

There are now a lot of businesses that realize the essence of mobile-first design. This is imperative and this is a solution that will meet the needs of users. This ensures of a website that will accommodate various devices in the future.

Mobile-First Focuses More on the Experience and On What Matters Most

It is now regarded as a big challenge to design for mobile. Designing by keeping in mind a mobile-first approach is also a challenge. But, it is even more a different thing to re-imagine the design process by starting with the smallest screen towards scaling up.

IBM MobileFirst Enables Enterprise Mobility

A company that decides to go mobile first must hone in on the things that are essential about its content and its message. Actually, there is no room for vanity features and flashy widgets. The good thing about mobile-first approach is that it provides a change to remove all distractions. The focus is just more on distilling the experience and paying attention to what matters.

Now, you already have learned more about the concept of mobile first!